Alliance is a certification company based in Moscow. Certification enables you to demonstrate that the products or services you offer are compliant with the national and international standards. The challenge was to design a new website and stationery for Alliance.
Our idea is based on the principle of 'transparency'. Our research made us realize the certification process seemed very difficult and frighteningly confusing for most of the customers. We wanted to change this stereotype by showing certification as something very simple and clear. This principle formed our visual language. We visualized each of the certification industries using transparent 3D objects. We designed a monochrome website, leaving the corporate gold color only in accents, using few text styles, making typography as simple as possible, thus focusing the user’s attention on the main thing—company's key services. The website layout reminds of a certificate.

Finance & Law
Type of work
Printing Production
Marina Kondratenko
Pavel Frolov
Anna Bathuzi
Alexander Nekrasov

We also designed and produced stationery for Alliance. The principle of transparency was implemented in the selection of the printed materials—we used transparent envelopes for invoices and letters, white or light grey paper for blanks and business cards, correlating them with the website’s imagery. In this case, transparency also means trust that is formed between the customers and the company.

Photo by Anastasia Chamkina

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