Black Russian

Black Russian is one of Russia’s first immersive theatrical performances based on the unfinished novel Dubrovsky by acclaimed russian author Alexander Pushkin. An impressive production put together the elements of traditional theater, neoclassical music, video art and even contemporary dance. The performance was directed by one of the most critically acclaimed Russian artists Maxim Didenko and produced by Ecstátic company, an interactive theater visionary.

We got engaged in creating and manufacturing a series of merchandise for the Black Russian gift shop. The primary goal was to capture the participant’s experience within simple objects available for purchase. Channeling the atmosphere of the play, we reinterpreted items holding the spirit of the 19th-century mysterious aristocracy. Intricate yet simple memorabilia became the crucial component of our work—the outside had to match the elegance of the content.

Type of work
Printing Production
Anna Tsybina
Alexander Nekrasov
Olga Nikitina

Photography by Anastasia Chamkina

Ub. Design
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