Redo Bureau is a design studio with locations in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo and Miami. We specialize in branding, identity and packaging creation, aiming to create enduring and distinctive works. The company's mission is to assist brands in crafting unique, powerful, and meaningful identities. From design concepts to execution and development, excellence is pursued at every stage.


We work on branding at all stages, from the strategy and naming, to design concept, to its implementation, to production and development. We are seeking to create strong, simple and meaningful brands.

Printing production

We love designing real objects and bringing them to life. We work with paper, fabric, and a variety of other materials and collaborate with a number of print shops and production companies.


Not only we do design, but we also completely control the development process, which allows us to obtain a good and predictable result. Keeping the design clean and simple, we are able to implement difficult solutions in terms of development. We like challenge.

Our services

Graphic design, web development, art direction, branding, naming, illustration, typography, visual Identities, printing production