Digital Earth for re:Store and Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art

Digital Earth is a new initiative of the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art and the re:Store retail chain, which aims to support young artists. As part of a joint project with re:Store, Winzavod will hold a competition aimed at finding new names in the art world and further technological and expert support for the newcomers. The goal of Digital Earth is to show how easy it is now to become an artist with the help of modern technology. The expert jury included members of the Russian art group AES+F, which has 33 years of experience in the genre of installation, photography, video, sculpture, and performance.

Using the open-source programming language P5.js, the Redo Bureau designed the Digital Earth website. When the user hovers the mouse, she or he triggers the effect, distorting and deforming the image—a metaphor for how modern authors deform and reinvent the modern world through their works. The digital reality in which each of us lives has an impact on the offline world, and the Redo Bureau team led by Alexander Nekrasov reflected these changes in the website design.

The Redo Bureau team has built a design with translucent tabs that can move anywhere on the screen. This technique symbolizes the free interaction of humans and art because each viewer interprets the same work in her or his way. The interactive and fluid format of the website homepage also emphasizes the dynamism and plasticity of the art world.

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Alexander Nekrasov
Marina Kondratenko
Tonya Kozlova
Rita Antonova
Alena Kulikova
Vlad Md Golam

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