Keep Looking

Keep Looking is a high-end makeup & styling salon located in downtown Moscow. Honoring the legacy of the Renaissance, they are all about uncovering the inner beauty by making subtle changes to the outside.

The source of our client’s inspiration defined the extended color palette and our choice of typography, which takes its cues from the Roman capitals and the 19th century engravings, blending antique and modern aesthetics. We hired a carver to cut letters on Carrara marble for the entrance sign, and applied this touch to all printed ephemera by using a blind embossed logotype. Frequent use of the square shape is a nod to modernity and Instagram, and the one-page website works as a digital business card combining the identity elements—photography, colours, and typesetting. Another throwback to the Renaissance is our client’s in-house library complemented by graceful bookmarks.

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Type of work
Anna Tsybina
Alexander Nekrasov
Marina Kondratenko

Case photography: Nastya Chamkina
Style photography: Konstantin Sorokin​​​​​​​

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