Lure Oysters

Lure Oyster Bar is a hidden jewel of Moscow city center. Four meter long aquarium with fresh seafood goodness, carefully selected wine list and alluring interior come together in one place. Red squiggles splattered across the walls are “lures” — most desirable oyster bait.

Our approach was centred around capturing the true experience of the establishment. The website is put together with animated glowing lines mirroring the interior paired with the dark background, all the way down to the deep blue ocean. Dynamic flow of "lures" provides a sense of active motion, following the user moving across the fluid surface. One-page scrolling is showcasing all the venue experience in an interactive way.

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Type of work
Web Site
Anna Tsybina
Pavel Frolov
Alexander Nekrasov
Marina Kondratenko

Identity: Ivan Maximov
Interior design: Pavel Platonov

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