Nude Stories

Nude Stories is a cosmetic brand specialising in body oils and scrubs. Our goal was to create a brand identity and ideology that would broadcast sincerity, self-love, and a need to spend time with oneself.

The concept of communication is intimacy of solo travelling: a romantic vision of touring beautiful cities all alone, images of solitary evenings spent in hotel rooms or rented apartments – a certain type of escapism. Each body oil and scrub epitomises a personal experience gained while travelling.

The packaging consists of two layers: the white outer box symbolises the public image while the beige inner layer represents the true self. To unpack Nude Stories products means to bare them. By using Nude Stories we expose our bodies, thoughts, and emotions.

Type of work
Alexander Nekrasov
Egor Cherkasov
Marina Kondratenko

3D visualization: Oleg Mushta

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