Petnat is a natural sparkling wine, a light, and cheerful drink rapidly gaining popularity. This year, Pavel Shvets, a prominent Russian winemaker and the founder of the Uppa Winery known for its excellent biodynamic wines, released his own version of this wine and invited us to the winery to design a label for it.

Following our trip, we realized the most valuable things the label has to convey are a feeling of fun and celebration, and, at the same time, the strong personality of its creator. Therefore, our proposal went against the tradition of creating wine labels by shifting all technical information to the counter-label, leaving only the winemaker's name. We also wanted to involve Pavel in the label creation process, so we invited him to Moscow.

By the time Pavel arrived in Moscow, we've already prepared a silk screen cliche, bought large self-adhesive sheets, and gathered at the printing workshop. At this stage, another curious detail caught our attention: Petnat is never the same, firstly, due to its variable production the end result depends on the terroir from which it came (that's why even two identical bottles taste slightly different); secondly, Petnat is perfect both as a light summer drink or as a New Year's Eve sparkling spritzer.

We decided to reflect this feature in the design. Every time Pavel tried Petnat, he captured his sensations by mixing the colors. Then, with the resulting colors, we stamped the paper sheets, picking the foil contrasting the color of each label. In the end, we created 18 different color and foil combinations, 18 different stories, readings, and interpretations of the new sparkling wine from Pavel Shvets.

Type of work
Marina Kondratenko
Alexander Nekrasov

Photography & Video Production (screen print) by Yevgeniy Rogatchev
Photography (restaurant) by Nastya Chamkina
Petnat by Pavel Shvets

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