A global hotel chain and platform, Roomp is designed to save you time searching for accommodations on a budget. Aggregating the best deals on top-notch rooms, they also offer a 24/7 concierge and a support team trained to meet a customer’s unique needs.

In search of a color scheme that would work well both online and offline, we came up with a three-shade palette. Beige and grey complement popular interior styles, while vivid blue and light grey support the identity on the website. The circle mark, referring to a door number plate and a keyhole, gets easily transformed into a Scandinavian interior pattern. We also created a number of illustrations that help establish friendly and clear communication with the clients. Finally, we developed a thorough production strategy to guarantee the coherency of the client’s identity.

Hotels & Restaurants
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Printing Production
Logo Design
Anna Tsybina
Alexander Nekrasov
Daria Yastrebova

Photo: Anastasia Chamkina

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