Ub. Design

Ub.design is a Moscow-based architecture studio founded by Boris Uborevitch-Borovskiy, an architect and the head of the Moscow Architectural Society. Ub.design develops architectural design of urban residential estates, private homes, and public buildings, as well as interior design. The studio is known for their architectural project of the Sail House and interior design for Moscow Multimedia Art Museum.

The new website is designed to be virtually interfaceless, letting the users experience projects of the studio without any interaction. It looks almost like a piece of blank white paper where all of the studio’s photos and blueprints are visualized. Nothing distracts potential clients from contemplation and reflection. Humble interface elements are sitting just where they need to be. Practically no scrolling is required—the entire website fits into one screen.

The studio works with both big corporate/governmental clients and individuals. No matter what kind of client visits the website, they get to see the projects they are most interested in, while being subtly informed that the studio is capable of much more.

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The studio works with two types of clients — big corporate and governmental clients, and individuals. Every type of client has their part of the website for themselves. Now the users can see the projects they’re most interested in, while at the same time being subtly informed that the studio is capable of much more.

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